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Conditions of booking

Please note that you (and/or your suppliers) will be bound to permit conditions stated on the permit booking application


  • Supplier and contract vehicles must obtain a vehicle permit to enter pedestrian areas to unload equipment. After drop off vehicles must return to car park. At no time may vehicles remain parked for longer than 10 minutes.

  • Bollards will have been unlocked in preparation for any supplier vehicles, these must be replace after vehicles have entered.

  • All furniture or anything that will sit on the floor (inside or out) must have proper rubber or felt stoppers or mats to prevent scratching or gouging of the floor.

  • Any liquid spills on floor must be mopped up with a damp mop, cloth or sponge immediately.

  • Air conditioning cannot be on if all doors are kept open.

  • You will have nominated a finish time that includes clean and tidy up contingency...Security will attend but if finishing earlier than your requested time (as per your permit) you must call security on 0488 947 536 (patrol in operation in that area from 1700-0330) or 0488 947 523 (patrol in operation in that area from 0330-0800).

  • There will be an additional security fee if any of the nominated times are not adhered to.

  • Hire of the Event Centre includes the front and back deck and the mini amphitheatre.

  • We expect the areas to be returned in the condition in which you received them in. Should this not be the case and extra cleaning and /or repairs are needed, then some or all of your bond may be required.

  • Please report any damage or issues with the building or amenities.

  • Currently there are no tables, chairs or AV included as part of the hire.

  • All rubbish must be removed once the event is finished.

  • Unless agreed to otherwise, all hire equipment must be removed from the centre at the conclusion of your event.

  • Hire times are as per your permit booking request and earlier or later deliveries may not be possible.

  • No hanging of any objects from railings or attaching to walls other than designated artwork hanging points.

  • No objects to be dragged across floor surface or dropped on floor surface.


  • Ensure anything like cool rooms, dance floors, marquees, extra lighting, etc. are compliant with regulations.

  • Wedding and contractor cars must obtain a vehicle permit to access into the Gardens to drop off and pick up only. No parking except in car parks. No driving on grass.

  • No stakes, star pickets or ground penetration to be used.

  • Loud noise or music ends at midnight (11pm weekdays).

  • No disturbance of native vegetation and wildlife.

  • No ice to be tipped on to grassed areas (it ‘burns’ the grass).

  • The site is cleaned and all rubbish and items removed - You may need to discuss this with your organiser or caterer. If the site is not clean and tidy at the conclusion of your event, we will arrange cleaners and charge fees against your bond authorisation.

  • Keys, taps etc. (if used) are returned within 2 days of function.

  • Your event and hire companies (if used) are made aware of permit conditions.

  • Additional conditions apply to use of the Visitor and Event Centre and are noted on your permit booking.

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